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Knowledgebase Artikel: All Leitz Cloud Video Guides

All Leitz Cloud Video Guides

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General Guide

Installing the Sync Client

Admin Interface

Basic explanation about how to use Leitz Cloud.

How to install the Sync Client on your computer

General view of the administrator features when using Leitz Cloud.


Active Directory

Team Shares

File Server Enablement

Adding users and shares with Active Directory integration using Leitz Cloud.

This video shows how to create and manage team shares for users and devices.

This video shows how to sync (local) fileserver folders/files to your cloud organization so they can be accessed with Leitz Cloud functionality




Email Server

This video shows how to brand your own organization. It also shows you where your branding will be displayed.

This video shows how to create reports that can be downloaded in PDF or automatically send to you by email.

This video shows how to connect your email server to your Leitz Cloud organization. Leitz Cloud uses a build in mail server as default.



Activity Log and Alerts

ConnectWise Integration

Information on how to use the Leitz Cloud backup function.

This video shows the activity log and how to create alerts in Leitz Cloud.

How to connect your Leitz Cloud to ConnectWise.