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Knowledgebase Artikel: Leitz Cloud version v2.6.0 Build .1146 is now live!

Leitz Cloud version v2.6.0 Build .1146 is now live!

Leitz Cloud version v2.6.0 Build .1146 is now live!

 September, 21st 2017



  • New Shares button in the Guests tab of the administrative web portal allows administrators to view all shares accessible by the guest
  • A confirmation dialog box now displays when deleting a guest account
  • The Domain drop-down menu, which displays when authenticating Active Directory accounts, now only appears when domain aliases are configured
  • Moved folders no longer duplicate in their original location within certain environments
  • Beta desktop client GUI is now improved for a more polished user experience
  • Beta desktop client will continue to receive automatic updates
  • Folders renamed with Ä and Ö marks no longer throw an error
  • Guest accounts can once again access shared folders that originate from an organization in Privacy Mode


Please contact Leitz Cloud support if you have any questions about these new features.