Leitz Cloud version v2.6.0 is now live!

Leitz Cloud version v2.6.0 is now live!

 August 30th, 2017

Release Notes:

Leitz is pleased to announce Leitz Cloud v2.6.0, the latest release that includes new features, improvements, and important fixes.


New Features

  • Desktop client has been updated with a new UI/UX, and is available to download in beta mode
    • Download Apps page now includes links to beta versions of the desktop client
    • Desktop client provides a new Warning tab to help resolve sync conflicts
    • File lock warning message now displays when users attempt to access a locked file
    • Desktop client now provides localization support for multiple languages
  • The Collaborative Web Editor is now available
  • The latest desktop client no longer supports outdated operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (older versions of the Leitz Cloud desktop client will continue to be supported for these operating systems)
  • The Collaborative Web Editor now opens in a new tab when launched through the right-click context menu in the web portal
  • New Delete button in the Share Access dialog box allows users to remove a newly created share link
  • Desktop client file icon overlays are now visible in third-party Open and Save dialog boxes
  • New Deactivate Organization feature allows administrators to deactivate an organization without fully deleting it


  • API now includes two new endpoints: an endpoint for retrieving Machines for a Person, and an endpoint for retrieving Persons for a Machine
  • Non-recurring reports can now be exported to PDF, Excel, or CSV format
  • New Edit in Browser button is now available when previewing supported file types
  • Root IDs are now included in new root subscription log messages 
  • Web Access logs now report organization creations and deletions
  • Drag/drop visual effects have been improved when moving content in the web portal
  • The Leitz Cloud server now sends bandwidth throttling schedule to desktop clients, which will improve server performance
  • The Activity Log now records events related to account moves
  • Excluded Extensions organization policy now governs all apps


  • Deleted files no longer reappear on certain OS X machines
  • Reports no longer displaying Not Available in space usage field
  • Autotask drop-down menu now loads as expected in certain edge cases
  • Large team share file reports no longer causing web errors
  • CPU usage no longer spikes when starting the agent service in OS X environments
  • Files with tilde are no longer repeatedly created/deleted through the desktop client in certain edge cases
  • Collisions are no longer generated after folder renames
  • Selective Sync folder tree now loads as expected when first syncing down large roots
  • OS X desktop clients no longer crash unexpectedly in certain edge cases
  • The WebDAV setting can now only be turned on for accounts by administrators
  • Folder tree now loads as expected when moving files in a shared folder
  • Sync performance has been improved during the initial sync of large roots


Please contact Leitz Cloud support if you have any questions about these new features.

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