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Knowledgebase Artikel: Managing LAN Sync

Managing LAN Sync


Manage your LAN Sync

What is LAN Sync? 

This feature makes the download of shared files faster. This because of the way files will be synced. When you use LAN Sync computers in the same network will send their files to each other instead of downloading the same file directly from the server. Therefore LAN Sync reduces the server's load because it drastically reduces the number of files one needs to download directly from the server.

Normal Sync

Computers uploading files to the Leitz Cloud server and the Leitz Cloud server syncing the files back to each computer


LAN Sync

Computer 1 uploading a file to the Leitz Cloud server and also sending the uploaded file via the network to other computers


  Turn on the LAN Sync on your windows or iOS machine by following the next 3 steps


1. Go to the properties of your sync client.

2. Click on the 'Bandwidth' tab.

3. In this tab you will see the lan sync option. Click on the enable Lan sync checkbox and you are done.