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Knowledgebase Artikel: Icon Overlay

Icon Overlay

Icon overlay

Since Windows can only handle 15 icon overlay identifiers and the rest get ignored, such as file collision, file locking, and file syncing indicators are not displaying when these are not registered.
By following the next 5 steps you will resolve this problem.

 On Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10


1. Check the registry of your overlay icons that Windows Explorer can load.Press the Windows key + R and enter regedit.

2. search for the following registry key with this path



Edit: Only overlays in the first 15 positions will display. By deleting other overlays you can make room for your icons. Be sure you don't need the deleted ones. 


3. To make room for other keys you can deleted the unwanted key by right-clicking on the specifick key. If you want to save the current keys you can rename them and add a ''Z'' at the beginning to place them at the end of the list. 

4. Now you can quit explorer.exe and restart your computer. 

5. Launch the Leitz Cloud client and the sync icons will be displayed.